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No Longer Human PdfNo Longer Human Pdf

“No Longer Human” is a novel by Japanese author Osamu Dazai, originally published in 1948. The narrative is a semi-autobiographical exploration of the author’s own struggles with mental health, existential despair, and societal expectations. The novel is considered a classic of Japanese literature and has been translated into several languages.

Plot Summary:

The story is narrated by Yozo Oba, a troubled protagonist who recounts his life experiences. Yozo begins by describing his childhood, expressing feelings of alienation and a sense of being different from others. As he grows older, he becomes adept at wearing masks to conform to societal expectations while concealing his true self.

Yozo’s internal struggles intensify as he grapples with the pressure to conform and the expectations placed upon him by his family and society. He navigates relationships, often engaging in self-destructive behavior and forming connections that are ultimately fleeting.

The narrative delves into Yozo’s battle with mental health issues, including depression and a sense of disconnection from reality. His experiences in the novel reflect the broader societal challenges of post-war Japan, exploring themes of identity crisis and the impact of cultural and societal norms on individual lives.

Themes Explored:

  1. Identity and Alienation:
    • Yozo’s constant struggle with his identity and the feeling of being an outsider is a central theme. The narrative examines the alienation experienced by individuals who feel they cannot conform to societal expectations.
  2. Mental Health:
    • The novel provides a poignant portrayal of mental health issues. Yozo’s battles with depression and a sense of emptiness contribute to the overall exploration of the human psyche.
  3. Societal Expectations:
    • The pressure to conform to societal norms and expectations is a recurring motif. Yozo’s attempts to wear masks to fit in underscore the challenges of authenticity in a society that demands conformity.
  4. Human Relationships:
    • Yozo’s relationships are complex and often fraught with difficulties. The novel explores the impact of personal connections on individual identity and well-being.

Style and Impact:

Dazai’s writing style is introspective and melancholic, reflecting the inner turmoil of the protagonist. The narrative is fragmented, with Yozo’s thoughts presented in a nonlinear fashion, adding to the overall sense of disorientation.

The novel’s impact is profound, not only within the context of Japanese literature but also globally. Its exploration of universal themes such as identity, mental health, and societal expectations has resonated with readers worldwide.


“No Longer Human” has left a lasting legacy in literature and popular culture. It has been adapted into various forms, including films, manga, and stage productions. The novel’s enduring relevance lies in its ability to evoke empathy and reflection on the human condition.

In conclusion, “No Longer Human” remains a powerful and influential work that invites readers to confront the complexities of identity, mental health, and societal pressures. Its impact extends far beyond its original cultural and temporal context, making it a timeless exploration of the human experience.

No Longer Human Pdf

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